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 - SEADDA - CF (USB port):


Connection to PC by USB, no power needed.

32 analog inputs with 10 bit of resolution. Sampling frequency 40 KHz.

Analog trigger level set by software.

Memory on board: 524288 samples.

4 analog outputs.

16 digital input and 16 output.

Applications: graphic monitoring of digital and analog signals, for vibration analysis etc...


- DSPADDA (parallel port):

Connection to PC by parallel port

16 input analog channels if single ended/8 if differential, range +/-10v. Resolution: 12 bit.

Max sampling frequency: 800KHz; memory on board: 1024 samples each channel (8).

Hardware trigger with level set by software, pretriger.

Analog output for reconstruction of whichever signal. Sampling frequency: 200KHz.

8 bit of digital input and 8 bit of digital output.

DLL for math functions  in real time.

VBasic program for  test and example.

Used in many applications: graphic  monitoring of analog signals,  I/O of digital signals, measure of band pass of filters, geophone sampling, didactic experiments, etc...

Power needed:  +/-12v, with polarity invertion protection.


- SEADDA (serial port):

Connection to PC by serial port..

16 input single ended analog channels, range +/-10v. Resolution: 13 bit.

Many  digital I/O and  3  counters, for input frequency up to 6500Hz.

2 analog outputs

A very simple module in VBasic can be called for every function.

Used in many applications for monitoring slow varying signals: temperatures, status of machinary, command of devices, detection of rotation frequencies etc... 

Power needed:  +/-12v, with polarity invertion protection.

- BFAD (RS485 link)

RS485 connection

 Based on dsp Blackfin 531 of Analog Devices

Analog acquisition to 32KHz, 24 bit di risoluzione

Trigger in contact closing and opening

Memory:  512k samples

Power:  +12v from battery (25mA in standby/50mA in acquisiton)

Comunication software included


This link is for geophysical applications: